Koi Source, Inc. Logo

Koi Source, Inc. is a company based in northeast ohio specializing in selling koi fish and high end landscape designs and builds. Recently we partnered to create a new brand identity for the company. Below is the result.

koi source logo

  1. James, I like the off centered look on the logo. Not sure I like the running off of the page with the text. However, It looks good.

    Jon Mullender
    Summit Fence Supply.

  2. Thanks Jon. Glad you like it.

  3. I agree, the off centered-ness is sweet. My only question is the INC, I feel like it’s a tad too light in weight with the rest. Maybe bit more beef and loosen up the kerning a little since it’s all caps.

    All in all, quite nice.

  4. I like the overall look but I’m also not sure about the INC. Good work!

  5. Santhos,
    Thanks! Glad you like the logo. The INC was kept light and small because it’s inconsequential whether it’s read or not. I didn’t want to steal the thunder away from the more important type.

  6. koi source is a design and buildform.

  7. koisource a design and build firm.

  8. parisa

    I love this logo. its very fantastic

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