Paul Rand and Imaginary Forces

Kyle Cooper’s Imaginary Forces has created a short film in honor of Paul Rand. It’s quite a beautiful piece. Paul Rand is one of the most influential and respected graphic designers in history responsible for the ABC, IBM, UPS, and Westinghouse logos. Imaginary Forces is one of the most important contemporary studios specializing in film titles such as Spiderman and Se7en.

Paul Rand

From Imaginary Forces:

For his posthumous induction into The One Club’s Hall of Fame for 2007, Imaginary Forces created a short film, combining original animation with a videotaped interview of Rand himself, that encapsulated his unique and timeless contribution to the design community.

Whether you’re a designer or not it’s certainly worth the few minutes to watch.
link (make sure to press play in the bottom right corner)

  1. “Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.” Awesome quote and well executed short film. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  2. Sure thing Lucinda! Glad you enjoyed it.

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